The Q Mega platform provides students and young professionals with an opportunity to participate in political affairs and contribute to the governance of the country without necessarily being a part of a political party. Since 2019, Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) has brought together some of the finest minds from a range of academic and professional backgrounds to influence policy decisions and be a part of the election process and influence policy making in India. A mega organization works with visionary leaders who are proven leaders. The group partners with them to set a citizen-centric agenda, and assists them in creating the most effective methods of reaching out to the public.


Q Mega election survey done 2019 for Ysrcp. campaigns that focused on booth level reorganisation via 17 on-ground and 18 online campaign formats. A new benchmark was set with YSR Jagan Reddy meeting over 2 crore people during his 3648 km long padyatra completed in 341 days. ‘YSR Kutumbam’ bolstered community interaction leading to a thumping 151/175 seat win, the most historic mandate since the formation of YSRCP

HYDERABAD GHMC Election Survey 2020

Q Mega election survey done 2020 of TS municipal elections. Leading to a thumping to a thumping 120/92 seat win, the most historic mandate since the formation of TRS.


Q Mega election survey done 2021 of AP municipal election Survey 2021. Leading to a thumping to a
thumping 75/62 seat win, the most historic mandate since the formation of YSRCP.


Q Mega election surveys done 2020-2021 of AP and Telangana BY poll election Surveys (Dubbaka, Huzurabad and Badvel) We are doing Political Analysis, Surveys and promoting of Political persons and compagain.

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